superlambanana woe

Strange day today; Liverpool could be about to lose its much-loved Superlambanana and general consternation abounds over exactly who forgot to check with the artist that it was a loan, not a gift, to the city. The Daily Post broke the story which was then picked up by our sister paper, the Liverpool Echo. So now it’s running on both websites and has a link on both forums so readers can comment. And this is where it gets a bit odd. So far five people have posted views on the Echo site… precisely none have posted on the Post’s site. I’m trying to work out why people are more drawn to the Echo than the Post forums – they are, afterAre we stuffy or is there a higher quality of debate? Or is it just that the Echo is seen as a more knockabout forum for rows? I’d love to know what’s going on… maybe I should just post a message on the forums and ask people to tell me – but I’m wary of trespassing in what should be a space for readers. Seems to be a case of ‘if you build it, they will shun’.

2 thoughts on “superlambanana woe

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