Blidget building

So here I am, back from skiing less than 24 hours and instead of unpacking the suitcase I’ve been busy discovering how to turn this blog into a bligdet.
This would no doubt be the work of moments for anyone under 25 but it took me some serious effort, and not a few stomps around the room – plus a thrilling two minutes when I locked myself out of my Facebook profile after turning H&D (as I like to call it) into an application and uploading it to my profile.
Anyway, those of you who have a blog and would like to make it a blidget go to and you’ll find an idiot’s guide to making your blog into a widget and spreading it around the world.
It was easier than I thought and and I now have a blidget logged with Widgetbox (although I am somewhat further down the popularity list than the divine Perez Hilton
I’ve also set up a blog badge so people can add my widget… and the strangest thing was that it was very satisfying being able to grasp the technology and do something with it.
I thought before I started it was going to be difficult and I’d end up abandoning the project halfway through.
Sometimes it’s nice to be wrong.

About Alison Gow

I'm a journalist, particularly interested in story-telling, networks and digital innovation.
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2 Responses to Blidget building

  1. my own voice says:

    I’ve only got six web tricks to impress people with and that’s one of them! Stop!


  2. Alison Gow says:

    I know what you mean… I feel the same way when people Twitter me with their blogs. How does that work?!?


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