Today has been one of technological challenges which have left me with a pounding head and a need for red wine in significant quantities.
First I installed a portal to play my ipod through the car stereo which took me about two minutes. It was small, unobtrusive… and on current evidence totally bloody useless.
I drove about a mile when the thing BLIPPED – at decibel levels RAF planes are forbidden to create over mainland Britain – then died. I nearly died too – I was so shocked I accidentally swerved into the second lane of the dual carriageway and seriously mithered White Van Man.
It’s still not working.
Then I had to take part in a webinar, liasing with various other editorial managers across the country via a webcam/chat set-up. It turned out to be 45 minutes of technical problems, 10 minutes of some people repeatedly mouthing “Can you hear me?” while everyone else typed “no”, and five minutes of useful information.
Bored with the technical shenanigins on my screen, and flushed with success from Blidget-creation, I ambitiously tried to add RSS to the blog.
It has so far proved a spectacular failure.
Not content with wasting an hour of my life on something I wasn’t even sure I wanted (I just wanted to see if I could do it) I finally roped the digital editor in for some expert advice. He knew exactly what was wrong; it was me.
RSS has beaten me… for now. Battle will recommence once I have calmed down.
When I tried to post this my computer crashed. It was the most crushing techno-insult of the day.

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