Death by car bonnet

Every machine I own is actively conspiring to make my life a living nightmare.
I thought I was fairly open-minded when it came to technology but I’m rapidly subscribing to the Way of the Baseball Bat.
(This was recommended by a friend. He bought a job lot of old Macs and keeps them in his back yard so he can smash one up when his Computer Range is particularly bad).
Anyway, the latest sortie was made by my car. It tried to kill me.
I was headed to work today, NOT listening to my iPod through the radio (thanks for nothing Belkin) when the bonnet suddenly flew up without warning. At 60mph…
It was an exciting moment both for me and for the lorry driver I was overtaking – and only when I made it safely to a layby so I could sort the damn thing out did I realise I had officially had a near miss.
Meanwhile, the social networks project continues; the more I research this whole issue of newspapers and Web 2.0, the more I realise how far the industry has fallen behind.
I asked Rob Marcus from Chat Moderators how newspaper social networks could succeed. His advice, in a nutshell, was:
1). Control freakery is as unattractive in newspapers as it is in people; take part, don’t take over
2). Have a little humility
3). You only get one chance to make a first impression
In the interests of extending our reach to readers I briefly wondered if the Daily Post should get a Pownce account; having read this it sounds as though we’re better off sticking with Twitter until things become a bit clearer.
Talking of Pownce, co-creator Kevin Rose could soon be a rich man by all accounts.
Microsoft and Google are apparently fighting it out for Digg in a deal rumoured to be worth $200-$250m. And Facebook’s creator is now worth around $15bn.
Ever wish you’d chosen a career in computers?

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