What on earth is Utterz?

UPDATE 2013: Utterz became Utterli, and then closed.

Today I was distracted from a ton of research into social networks by a Tweet from a friend in Sweden. Mark is probably the only digital media expert who also smashes up computers with a baseball bat if they don’t please him. But he’s also a total web genius so when I heard him (literally) talking online about his McDonalds meal – for chrissake eat something decent – I figured it was time to have a go.
Utterz is a kind of instant-blog. You just speak your thoughts and ideas, anywhere, using your mobile phone or computer. You can use voice, video, pictures, and/or text in a mash-up.
So I ventured onto Utterz and signed up. Two minutes later I was listening to myself talking in a very self-concious manner about recording my first post. Then, for some unknown reason, I started talking about my hair! For God’s sake! I thought I only rambled when talking to other people; turns out I do it while talking to myself as well.
Anyway, ridiculous ‘posh-bird’ accent aside, I’m utterly in love with Utterz and have already made and loaded a widget on this blog.
There must be so many ways to use it – I did a bit of mooching around the Utterz site listening to people blog their thoughts and it was fascinating. I can think of so many ways to incorporate this in the Liverpool Daily Post website.
I hope Utterz takes off and I’m going to keep using it – at least until I get sick of the sound of my own voice…

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