Speaking Freely

“This is my first post to the blog from my mobile phone. My colleague Toby Chapman told me about SpinVox Service which apparently should allow this to be relayed onto blog directly. If it doesn’t then it just means that I’ve buggered up the mobile phone and I have to start again from scratch but fingers crossed this should be appearing soon.”
spoken through SpinVox

Okay so it’s not exactly ‘It was the best of times… it was the worst of times’ but you get the drift.
So I can now speak to my blog via my mobile phone; it posts it direct and I’m very impressed by the accuracy. It even lets you swear, which is unexpected – I only threw it in to see if it had a ‘trip out’ mechanism.
Unlike Utterz, it’s not a social network but I could add it to my Facebook profile, Digg or del.icio.us if I wanted to.
There are some potentially good uses for this.
I could see Liverpool Daily Post reporters using this to file copy from, for example, high profile court cases. The reporter could dash outside during a lull in the proceedings, file to a (non-public facing) blog which the digital or news editor has access to, and simply file the report for it to be harvested and used on the newspaper website.
It’s can be linked to Twitter as well, so followers are alerted when new copy is filed.
Similarly, citizen journalists could ring the number and file their news.

Update 2013: SpinVox no longer exists

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