Nokia N95

This is my cat Nyx doing her finest ‘laser eyes’ impression.
I took it with my new Nokia N95 which arrived this weekend as part of my (sometimes hopeless) attempts to learn different ways of reporting and making news.
Anyway, it’s an absolute beast of a device and I’m hoping I will soon be able to try out live streaming to Qik or Bambuser via it.
This weekend, however, a heavy cold prevented me from doing anything constructive although I did try to make some headway with my Reader Engagement project between bouts of coughing.
Regarding the project I’ve moved further away from how newspapers can engage readers and more towards why we should be doing it. I’m very interested in Jane Stringer’s ideas of networks; she makes excellent points about collaboration and participation. Sadly, I am nowhere near as lucid as her.
I think a lot of newspapers will struggle to engage readers because they won’t hand over control. The Gazette on Teeside has done this with its hyperlocal sites and proved it can and should be done.
But it takes a degree of nerve to hand over your website to readers and not everyone is willing to make that leap of faith right now.
Personally I think that, unlike our readers, newspapers are no longer in the position to choose any more.
We have to change, and we have to do it quickly.

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