Information overload

I loved this article by Lee Gomes of the Wall Street Journal – it describes my own tendancy to wander deeper and deeper into the web (and usually further away from the information I was originally looking for).
Take this morning; I was supposed to finish my college project, upload it, throw clothes into a bag and go and socialise with real people, all within the hour.
I sat down to tweak the document… but then, somehow, I ended up on Twitter, and then on the Daily Post site and then into Digg and then yadda yadda yadda.
I came to my senses after about 20 minutes, while gripped by an accute attack of Random Facebook Game Challenge Anxiety (friend challenges you to game, you accept. Then you realise you do not, and never will, understand how Scramble works…)
I hauled myself back to the TM leaders project and I’ve just uploaded it. Yay! The day is mine again…

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