living through my laptop

If I’m not on my work computer checking emails, gmails, internet updates and our Daily Post website stuff (or in meetings!) then I’m either surfing the web on my phone, twibbling or on the laptop at home.
Luckily, I also have a tendency to exercise and eat healthily so I’m not likely to morph into some kind of Gollum-esque geek yet, but I do spent a lot of time bathed in the glare from the screen.
Things attained critical mass with a visit to Bambuser tonight.
And then, oh God, it happened again; before I could stop myself I’d added another bunch of code down the side of this blog – which, let the record show – is starting to look like Greaty Market
Luckily, I will have a healthy day in the fresh air on Saturday when I get to spend the day at the Grand National with some lovely people from the Post Office. It should be a great day – we are right by the start post and a quick sprint and ninja-like handbag moves should ensure we have a good view of the finishing post. And I intend to live stream the event on Qik if I can, just for fun.
Well, I think it’s fun anyway

3 thoughts on “living through my laptop

  1. Alison I’m soooo jealous, I haven’t been to the races in ages. I’ll be thinking of you on Saturday while I’m shouting for my horse to come in…BTW You starting to feel like your N95 has been surgically attached to your right hand? :@)


  2. Yes I am – it’s like my New Best Friend 😉I’ve got Point Barrow in the office sweepstake and was a bit disheartened to learn his jocke’s surname was Dobbin, until racing-types pointed out he was some kinda National Hunt god…


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