Cartoon Avatars on Twitter

April 18 was spent in a haze finishing off the entries for the Regional Press Awards, which – let me state for the record – were more work than every despite allegedly being electronic this year. Not from where I was sitting/standing/rushing around like a fool collecting entry forms and scanning them in…
Anyway, around 4pm I took five minutes breather and hopped onto Twitter to find a phenomenon in progress.
It was Cartoon Avatar day – everyone who I normally knew by their fairly sane avatars had morphed into a cartoon character from the 1970s/Manga/whatthehellisthat? and were tweeting like mad.
It was weird because I felt really left out with my little red devil (not from a cartoon at all) and everyone seemed to be having inordinate amounts of fum.
So I wandered off into the magical Forest of Google and bagged myself a Carwash, the knowit-all cat from Willow the Wisp (that toon that used to be on five minutes before the 6 O’clock News on BBC1.
I tweeted as Carwash and got lovely messages back from friends welcoming my descent into toon madness.
And suddenly, the world was a much better place. Even though I still had a feature writer of the year form still to scan…
So here’s Carwash, one last time:

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