Befriending FriendFeed

A couple of days ago I tweeted to the world in general that Friendfeed – which I joined several weeks ago in a flush of enthusiasm – was “more complicated than a social network had any right to be”.
And I was picked up on my gripe by Trinity Mirror’s digital supremo David Black, who pointed out it was an aggregator rather than a network.
I figured he might have been right, but I still was falling out of love with FriendFeed.
This weekend that all changed. I can say, hand on heart, that I LOVE FriendFeed – and it’s all thanks to Twhirl.
Twhirl is something I’ve been using for a while – it’s a desktop Ttwitter client, based on the Adobe AIR platform which (among its many other functions) lets you post photos to Twitter, post to Jaiku and Pownce as well and now, thank God, has added FriendFeed to its abilities, after being acquired by Seesmic.
I found out about it here and loaded it on Saturday.
And it was so useful to have updates from friends and networks I was interested in appearing on my Twhirl/FriendFeed panel. Unfortunately, there’s no way of mashing it up with my Twitter/Twhirl application so I have them sitting separately on the desktop but I can live with that… for now.

2 thoughts on “Befriending FriendFeed

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