Too much information?

I am spreading over the web like mould. I am on, among others, Twitter, Flickr,, Jaiku, and Bambuser and that’s just a part of it. My ‘social networks’ folder is growing at an alarming rate.
I embarked on this to learn more about the internet and interact with people online because I thought it would benefit my understanding of Web 2.0 and, by association, my newspaper.
I don’t use aliases on sites, I have my little avatar who goes everywhere online with me and so is fairly identifiable as me I guess, and I have links back to this blog which, of course, says where I work and live.
When someone I don’t know starts following me on Twitter I tend to send them a ‘hello’ note so there’s some human contact. I love it when I get responses to my Utterz, and ridiculously happy when someone I don’t know comments on this blog.
I have, I think, gone native in my attempts to understand newspapers and Web 2.0 – and I’m pleased about that. It feels like a constant learning process and there’s always something interesting going on.
My immersion in the internet was brought home to me today as I explained Twitter reporters who had just been asked to sign up to the service ahead of the local elections.
They think I’m obsessed. I think they’re probably right…

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