Video nasty

Ok so I didn’t really understand Seesmic was a place where people actually listened to what you had to say.
I figured it was like the real world where everyone just waits for you to finish your sentence so they can jump in with their own views.
Boy, I had a bit of a rude awakening tonight…
After the Day From Hell at Preston I wound up in front of my beloved laptop pouring my bruised and battered heart out on Seesmic – a total video nasty if you like.
I waxed lyrical about marketing and how bloody complicated it was… only to have some lovely Frenchman send me a ‘cheer up’ message telling me how much he enjoyed Mark Twain too.
In the meantime I had headed off to the bar to console myself – and warm up (Jesus UCLAN, keep the heating on in April, it’s like a bloody fridge in our classroom). And fellow coursemate Joaanna Geary had stumbled across my video rant – as had a number of other people, all of whom seemed concerned that I might have thrown myself off the top of the Holiday Inn. (It’s just too infra dig darlings – I’m saving myself for the Radisson SAS).
So now I’ve had to post an “I’m sorry for being a miserable cow” response to my own rant and I have learned a salutory lesson about sounding off in public while feeling sorry for myself.
I am, however, unconvinced about this marketing lark; I can’t even promote myself without getting into difficulties, let alone an entire industry.
So, every day truly is a school day…

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