So much to think about…

The week at the Editorial Leaders course in Preston always requires some Thought Downloading afterwards, and I’m going to probably use Bambuser to (semi)articulate them after I’ve had a good night’s kip.
But for me there have been some real standout moments this week – for various reasons. Here are, in no particular order, mine:
1. Being asked to consider what animal your newspaper was, and what animal you would like it to be. Sounded like a gimmick but was one of the most interesting sessions of the week. My favourite response was: “A penguin – a bit clumsy on land (digital) right now but graceful in the water (print) and hoping to evolve some more!” I thought that was genius.
2. Finally understanding how to make and use Yahoo Pipes courtesy of a Joanna Geary masterclass We should definitely incorporate these in our offering – ideal for our busy readers; I think they would really value them (and us for providing them).
3. Hearing the very frank thoughts of some of Trinity Mirror’s most senior executives on newspapers and how we compete in an increasingly competitive market. Unique opportunity to ask some of the hard questions…
4. Getting to hear Chris Anderson talking about his views on the future of journalism at the Journalism Leaders Forum.
Personally I thought he came across as too glib on some points and I wonder if his broadbrush approach to the death of newspapers says more about his ‘brand personality’ than his considered views, but interesting nevertheless.
5. Francois Nel talking about newspapers, conversations, the future… everything really. Just brilliant.
6. Streaming some of the sessions. I have Mark Commerford and Francois Nel on Bambuser and Qik respectively, and it’s like having a teacher in my back pocket as they are archived automatically. Happy coincidence rather than careful planning but I’ll take my breaks where I can get them.
So now I need to just let these ideas slosh around a bit. Right now, my head is so stuffed full of thoughts it’s hard to articulate them. The Bambuser Brain Dump will have to wait til tomorrow.

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