Too much paperwork – too little paper work

I’m fed up. I’ve done nothing but attend meetings, shuffle paperwork and answer the telephone this week. And when I’m not doing that, I’m being hunted down by people who want to make my life more difficult or just subtly shift more work onto me.
I’m naming this phenomenon geo-nagging (i.e. the ability of others to find me, wherever I may be, and give me problems) and I’ve Had Enough.
The latest random act of geo-nagging was someone I had never even seen before (probably using GPS) tracking me down so he could refuse to move chairs for a meeting. The chairs weren’t fixed to the floor you understand… but they weren’t being moved by his staff either.
Life was much simpler when you just had to negotiate your way past the loosely-tethered rottweiler to push a doorbell that may or may not work and then wheedle your way into the front room of a family whose little darling had just been banged up for some random thuggery – and then persuade them to talk about it.

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