Royal liveblog and Press walk-out

Today the Post and Echo liveblogged the Queen and it was a LOT more slick than the second [text ammended – see comments] one we tried. It featured videos, photos, reporters Twittering news in – we certainly learned a lot from the LDP liveblog.
I can even see the funny side of a post being accidentally put on the publicly-facing site by a twat who perceptively named himself/herself T.W.A.T (I told one manager it stood for Tunbridge Wells Automotive Trust and it was a well-known anacronym – for a few beautiful seconds he believed me.
Then the Post editor Mark Thomas, Echo editor Ali Machray and I went to the opening of the Liverpool Cityscape painting at the Walker Art Gallery. It was a gathering of the great and good, who had rocked up in the name of Art, fizzy wine and nibbles.
Then artist Ben Johnson got up to make a speech… and 20 minutes later was still talking, oblivious to his audience’s growing distraction.
People had stopped listening… right up until he thanked the press office for “having to deal with bloody lazy press” and “managing to drag lazy reporters in so they could see what we were doing”.
Well, the bloody ACRES of coverage this inflated ass has got in the local media doesn’t bear telling. So Mark, Ali and I signalled our appreciation of his comments by Walking Out In A Huff.
The look on the Glitterarti’s faces was, in a word, picturesque.

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I'm a journalist, particularly interested in story-telling, networks and digital innovation.
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3 Responses to Royal liveblog and Press walk-out

  1. Ben Johnson is a Tunbridge Wells Automotive Trust.


  2. David says:

    Well that wasn’t a very Daily Post thing to do, was it?PS – it was our third blog. Election night was the first. I expect our fourth blog, Liverpool Sound, to be even slicker because we have a cunning YouTube plan


  3. Alison Gow says:

    Oh damn I forgot about the election one! We’re such old pros at it now 😀This was indeed the 3rd liveblog… I have ammended the text and hang my head in shame.


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