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Andy Campbell, DJ

Deputy editor of Liverpool Echo in action at Andy Kelly’s wedding. Video-ed by my Nokia N95 Advertisements

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Networks and Journalism

It’s six months this week since I started spreading myself over the internet’s social sites in an attempt to shift my analogue brain up a gear.I came home from a TM Leaders course last January shocked by my ignorance of … Continue reading

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Baby Superlambananas in Liverpool

Today I have been on a baby Superlambanana hunt around Liverpool… And I bagged 21 in total. So I thought I’d share a few of the flock via the blog… The rest are on my Flickr pages. I’m planning a … Continue reading

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Internet star

I work with a film star. This is not something I’ve had to brag about in previous jobs but now I can I intend to drop into the conversation at every opportunity.The star in question is Ruth Maher, the editor’s … Continue reading

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Should readers have more control over newspaper websites?

A few days ago I asked Aren’t We All Journalists? and had a response I thought was very interesting. Essentially, Captain Mac asked if I thought there should be a place on newspaper websites that people could fill themselves? He … Continue reading

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Withenshaw Chantry arch (amended)

(This is actually called Windleshaw Chantry, as I now know after a query prompted a bit of internet digging) Explored this old ruin and took lots of photos. Amazing old graveyard with so much history

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Aren’t we all journalists?

I’m intrigued by this – I think it’s a phenomenon which is going to become increasingly prevalent as citizen journalism flourishes.It’s interesting Clinton and Obama are bleating they didn’t know they were being filmed – ie they were ‘on the … Continue reading

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Churnalism is the phrase applied to the endless regurgitating of press releases as news. But today, not for the first time, I’ve been infuriated by a different kind of syndrome; let’s call it Yawnalism.The definition of Yawnalism is journalism so … Continue reading

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Trying out N95 video zoom for the first time.

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Video of Ark Royal’s visit to Liverpool

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