Plurk is the new Twitter? Maybe

At around 7.30am on June 2 I read a tweet by Chris Brogan saying he’d joined Plurk. Now he is a seriously switched-on person so by 7.35am on June 2 I was attempting my first Plurk
By 8am today I was a little more familiar with the whole concept… and I have spent a day gradually falling in love with Plurk.
It’s a cross between – in my humble opinion – Twitter, Jaiku and Friendfeed in that you get to post thoughts, open threads, post pix and videos. It’s not perfect – it’s hard to keep track of posts if you have a lot of friends, it has no search facility and (for me anyway) new stuff shouldn’t appear at the left of the screen; it should be on the right!
Possibly the most irritating thing is the accumulated Karma concept, which sees you accrue kudos and abilities depending on how much you Plurk, and how many responses you generate.
Which is a bit like being picked first for the school hockey team IMHO – i.e. very nice if it happens to you but otherwise less good.
So, how do we use Plurk in newspapers? Erm, I haven’t even worked out how it can be incorporated into my life yet. But I like it, I really do. And I’m going to keep using it.

One thought on “Plurk is the new Twitter? Maybe

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