Internet star

I work with a film star. This is not something I’ve had to brag about in previous jobs but now I can I intend to drop into the conversation at every opportunity.
The star in question is Ruth Maher, the editor’s PA at the Liverpool Daily Post who has her own internet show Spinning Jenny, in which she plays PR dolly Jenny.
The show launches properly next month and viewers vote on how the plot develops – and which characters stay. It’s like Echo Beach but with more viewers already and, thank God, no Martine McCutcheon.
This would be impressive enough in its own right… but Ruth recently turned the Post office into a film set, complete with reporters playing characters – speaking roles went to deputy business editor Tony McDonough and reporter Ben Schofield who had lots of lines to learn for his part interviewing a WAG.
There are also plenty of cameos from various Post and Echo staff who probably thought the cameras belonged to our own TV unit. They may be a little surprised to find themselves appearing on the show’s YouTube channel.
Anyway, here’s the episode from Daily Post Towers:

So Ruth, when you’re collecting your Oscar in a couple of years time do me a favour… mention the blog?

One thought on “Internet star

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