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Fair comment

Finding intelligent, reasoned reader comments on newspapers’ online sites can sometimes feel like a Snark hunt. I’ve noted my thoughts on why newspapers can fail to encourage a flourishing online forum community before, and had some interesting feedback both here … Continue reading

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Liverpool teen bands competition

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What now for newspaper journalists?

I grew up with hot metal; visiting my mother’s workplace as a youngster was a cue for ink-stained men to start shouting at me to ‘mind yer fingers’ and to keep away from the hot wax. Of the eight papers … Continue reading

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Testing TimeTube

This is a great tool! It’s Dipity’s TimeTube, which basically lets you search for keyword tags on YouTube and displays the findings on a timeline, a la Plurk (but left to right this time).The Liverpool FC one works particularly well … Continue reading

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Bookmarking with Mento

A while ago I got an invite to a social bookmarking site called Mento by egrommet, who gives new meaning to the phrase ‘early adopter’. It’s still in beta (isn’t everything nowadays?) but I’ve been using it for just over … Continue reading

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What makes a good newspaper forum?

Are forums the best way of interacting with online users? A quick glance at most newspaper websites would indicate the answer is… no.Frits van Exter, former editor-in-chief of Trouw newspaper, in the Netherlands, told the World Editor’s Forum earlier this … Continue reading

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