Bookmarking with Mento

A while ago I got an invite to a social bookmarking site called Mento by egrommet, who gives new meaning to the phrase ‘early adopter’.
It’s still in beta (isn’t everything nowadays?) but I’ve been using it for just over a month and I have to say, it’s taken over from Digg and as my top bookmarking site.
These are some of my links – most of them were suggested by other like-minded contacts on Mento and I would never have found them on my own.
So far so social bookmarking.
But, in addition to sending me either public or private messages along with recommended links, I can reply and hold threaded conversations, rate links I’m sent, see how many clicks the links I send attract, add them to other social bookmark sites, or create a Facebook app, to name but a few.
It also notches up the sites I take most of my links from and my top link sources – interestingly, Twitter features highly in this.
Mento feels more social and more relevant, and consequently is more valuable to me; although I’m copying my Mento links over to still I’m more interested in seeing what my contacts have for me, and what they’ve got to say about the links they found.

2 thoughts on “Bookmarking with Mento

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