Testing TimeTube

This is a great tool! It’s Dipity’s TimeTube, which basically lets you search for keyword tags on YouTube and displays the findings on a timeline, a la Plurk (but left to right this time).
The Liverpool FC one works particularly well (lots of great goals for fan bloggers, for example) but I’ve plumped for Mathew Street videos here as you get some music while you watch. Which is always nice.
I heard about it via Caroline Middlebrook on Twitter, and I can think of lots of ways to use the TimeTube on newspaper websites – this is something to revisit with colleages tomorrow for sure!


About Alison Gow

I'm a journalist, particularly interested in story-telling, networks and digital innovation.
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2 Responses to Testing TimeTube

  1. Captain Mac says:

    Oooh – shiny! Methinks this may be popping up on a certain Sci-Fi blog before too long.What a fantastic idea


  2. Anonymous says:

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