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Building a Yahoo Pipe

Today is a good day; I have successfully built a working Yahoo Pipe.It’s not especially pretty but it is, I think, quite clever; it filters all the latest news, photos and quality blog posts from the world of Fashion for … Continue reading

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How to SEO a blog post

Honestly… sometimes I do think that I should just follow the Daily Mail and write blog posts that tell how Britney Spears is launching a new line in panties which Paris Hilton is going to model.Yes, in the wonderful world … Continue reading

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Mobile post sent by Alison using Utterz.  Replies.  mp3

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Everton FC’s stadium plan for Kirkby on Dipity

This took a couple of hours and I had hundreds of stories and photos to choose from. I’ve just used an intro and then linked back to the story on’ve blogged about how much I liked the idea of … Continue reading

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I’m really starting to like Brightkite…

I can’t really contribute much to the raging debate on Twitter and UK SMS withdrawal on a personal level as I’m probably one of the few that doesn’t mind paying something towards receiving update tweets on my phone. I have … Continue reading

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When should newspapers break exclusive stories online?

How does a newspaper define an Exclusive? Is it a story it has to itself; a story it publishes before anyone else, or – on occasions – a story the publisher is sole owner of because, frankly, no other media … Continue reading

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Breaking news with Spinvox

UPDATE 2013: SpinVox subsequently closed down I’ve got another option for updating my status on various social networks now.I’ve been using SpinVox as a way of turning my phone voicemail into text alerts for a long time – it’s so … Continue reading

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What’s Your Main Source of News?

That’s the question I’ve been asking people on a nifty website Nath from Travel Weekly discovered and shared on Plurk today. It’s called and allows you to pose questions – multiple choice, comment-enabled, photos etc – which visitors to … Continue reading

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Using Dipity to tell a news story

Timelines have been used by newspapers for years to help lead readers through the twists and turns of a complicated, long-running saga. This, for me, is just another way of doing the same thing.I’ve used Dipity and the Daily Post’s … Continue reading

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Plurk, interaction and my morning commute

Just a quick example of why I like Plurk. I took this photo when I was trapped in stationary traffic on my morning commute. The whole package – rain, cones and queues – summed up what a great start to … Continue reading

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