How to SEO a blog post

Honestly… sometimes I do think that I should just follow the Daily Mail and write blog posts that tell how Britney Spears is launching a new line in panties which Paris Hilton is going to model.
Yes, in the wonderful world of SEO the three above phrases picked out in bold would almost guarantee a good show on the sought-after Google front page. Which is why so many stories on the Mail’s website contain phrases like “Young women of Britney Spears‘ age may have little naked ambition to own a car…” etc, etc…
I have experienced my own little SEO phenomenon in the past week or so, thanks to a post earlier this year about cartoon avatars on Twitter
Look at this:

It’s not even as if it’s a big issue – it just talks about a day when Twitter users swapped their usual avatars for cartoons (mine was Carwash the Cat, from Willo-the-Whisp).
But around 10 days ago there was a second outbreak of cartoon avatar-itis, and people were obviously using search engines to either find out why, or to find a potential avatar.
Unfortunately for them, my ‘Cartoon Avatars on Twitter’ blog post was unintentionally SEO-ed to fit their queries and so absolutely throngs of people ended up visiting my blog, only to find out it was of no use to them whatsover.
Still, it’s an interesting example of why a ‘does what it says on the tin’ webhead works far better than a carefully-constructed, punny newspaper headline.
And, fox that I am, I’ve even SEO-ed this post’s header so anyone looking to find out how SEO can help their blog could well end up here.
If you do – hello! sorry I dragged you here just to make a point; but it worked, didn’t it…

7 thoughts on “How to SEO a blog post

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