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Learning from liveblogging

I’d love to know how many of the UK’s regional newspapers have run liveblogs this year; it seems as though real-time coverage and participation in almost everything (public spectacles, event TV, sports, political rallies to name a few) is on … Continue reading

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Networking and the tools of the job…

It started, as so many things do nowadays, with a tweet. Mark Commerford suggested to me there was a blog post in social networks and the different ways a journalist might use them – and keep track of them.So I … Continue reading

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Why the deadline isn’t ‘Now’

I suspect most of us find it comforting to work to a deadline; it’s satisfying to cross a mental finishing line and feel a job is completed. But a deadline is a also a mindset… and that’s not the most … Continue reading

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Tweet Cloud

The nice thing about my Tweet Cloud – as far as I’m concerned – is that my friends are in the biggest type, which makes them my most frequent and important tweets. That’s how it should be…

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A Dipity TimeTube of La Princess

And another great excuse to use Dipity… this time it’s the TimeTube application that I’m trying out. This has taken all the YouTube videos with the keywords I selected (La Princess, La Machine) and worked it into an embeddable display … Continue reading

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Giant spider in liverpool

La Princess left the Echo Arena on Friday night and moved through the crowds to the Pier Head – walking straight past me. It was an amazing experience… … but what made it even more brilliant was that reporting the … Continue reading

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The Lifecycle of a News Story

I rediscovered a link on my Delicious recently, called the Lifecycle of a Blog, from Wired, which traces how a post goes from the author’s keyboard through the system into a subscriber’s RSS reader. It’s here if you’re interested. Anyway, … Continue reading

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