Giant spider in liverpool

La Princess left the Echo Arena on Friday night and moved through the crowds to the Pier Head – walking straight past me.
It was an amazing experience…

… but what made it even more brilliant was that reporting the event on the hoof was so simple. Along with VJs for the Post&Echo at the event, I texted tweet updates to Twitter which were scooped by by the digital editor for the live blog of the event. Photos were sent via Twitpic and instantly transfered as were links to my N95’s live stream to Qik.
Personally, I think phones like these are as essential for a reporter as a notebook now – a multimedia newspaper has to be prepared to invest in the tools that allow the journalist to do their job as speedily as possible. I know the Birmingham Post & Mail staff have all got N95s now and I’m looking foward to hearing how they get on, and how they use them.

2 thoughts on “Giant spider in liverpool

  1. Great new video of the giant spider of Liverpool. you can watch it arrive at the city hall, wake up after a sleep and, in dramatically speeded up footage, crawl up a building to rest. It’s beautifully edited and choreographed.– filmed and edited by Giselle Leeb


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