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Sharing videos on Twitter with Ffwd

My heart sank when I opened up the Google Reader after a busy few days; more than 1,500 items is way too many to be able to keep on top of with a quick scan through. So I weighed up … Continue reading

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Flickr: The Book

I’ve learned so much about online communities and interaction from the Daily Post’s Flickr group. I’ve written about it before and I’m fairly sure I will in the future, as I think Flickr is a wonderful example of collaborative story-telling. … Continue reading

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Testing FineTuna

I’ve been playing around with a new web app that lets you upload, comment on and share photos easily. It’s called FineTuna and it is such a simple way of telling a story. I’ve tried it out on a photo … Continue reading

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I’m a mechanic!

I follow Amy Gahran on Twitter, and she’s a constant source of information and humour. I’m a fan of the way she operates and thinks, and so I subscribe to her feed in my Google Reader. Last month she … Continue reading

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I posted a message on Twitter today… … because I thought this feature on one of our Flickr group members was so good it was worth sharing.And then I got this message back… And you know what? I was so … Continue reading

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No escape…

I’m bored of the US election, of Lewis Hamilton (yes, it was exciting but it was on Sunday), of Clarkson’s latest gaff and of Ross&Brand, but there’s no escape.Because between bloggers, my Google Reader, Twitter and Plurk, I’m getting the … Continue reading

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