No escape…

I’m bored of the US election, of Lewis Hamilton (yes, it was exciting but it was on Sunday), of Clarkson’s latest gaff and of Ross&Brand, but there’s no escape.
Because between bloggers, my Google Reader, Twitter and Plurk, I’m getting the news even if I don’t want it.
Which got me thinking: In a networked world, is there any way of avoiding being kept informed?
If I don’t want to watch the TV it’s a straight deal – I turn it off and I feel happy it’s not intruding in my time.
But if I ignore my online social networks then I’m depriving myself of interesting conversation (which I can participate in or observe), useful links, banter, encouragement… I feel like I’m missing out. (Of course, in the case of Plurk’s ridiculous karma rating I also get penalised for not participating, but frankly that’s too irritating to make me take any notice).
And even if I opt not to look, I get sent things via Digg, Mento, Delicious that are simply too damn interesting not to get involved with. And then I send on Shouts, or comment on Mento links, or retweet an interesting link – and so the cycle continues.
Social networks are the greatest defence against ignorance I’ve come across. It’s just too anti-social not to get involved.
So a networked world may be the greatest defence against ignorance there is. It’s certainly the biggest time-thief. Now, I’ve just been send a video link of how to survive a zombie attack, so I have to go…

One thought on “No escape…

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