I’m a mechanic!

I follow Amy Gahran on Twitter, and she’s a constant source of information and humour. I’m a fan of the way she operates and thinks, and so I subscribe to her Contentious.com feed in my Google Reader. Last month she brought me tales of naked Trick or Treaters, this week I learn, courtesy of her blog, that I am a Mechanic.

That doesn’t mean I’ve turned my back on the high-paying, easy life of a regional newspaper journalist. It is, apparently, the type of blog I write. Using the Typealyzer tool I discovered that as the author of Headlines and Deadlines I am type ISTP aka The Mechanics.

Next time someone asks me what’s going on in my head I’m going to point them at this blog post, as Typealyzer provided a handy diagram of it…

Apparently, as a Mechanic, I am:
* Independent and problem-solving
* Good at responding to challenges that arise spontaneously
* Prefer to think things out for myself and avoid inter-personal conflicts.
* Enjoy working with other independent and highly skilled people
* Often like seek fun and action both in work and personal life.

I’m happy to learn that Mechanics enjoy adventure and risk such as in driving race cars, less thrilled to discover I’m in the wrong career – I should have gone for the Police or Fire Service according to Typealyzer.
So, while I would have loved for it to tell me I’m the artistic, inspiration type apparently I’m a ‘roll up the sleeves, pitch in when there’s a crisis’ kinda gal. Interesting (although less in tune with my Belbin findings) and possibly not really that representative of me. Because this is a blog about me learning things, and trying ideas and apps out, rather than my high-flying thoughts on life, the universe and everything.
So I’ve put the Typealyzer widget on this site to see if/how it changes, depending on whether I’m writing practical posts, or simply banging on about things.
Still, come the revolution I’m sure there will be a market for people who enjoy driving race cars and the like, so at least I’ve always got a fall-back position.

(Mechanic Photo: CGill, Flickr)

2 thoughts on “I’m a mechanic!

  1. Who’d have thought it… I’m a mechanic too! Roy Greenslade on the other hand is an ‘executive’ …. “talented strategic planners, but might come off as insensitive to others needs.”


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