Sharing videos on Twitter with Ffwd

My heart sank when I opened up the Google Reader after a busy few days; more than 1,500 items is way too many to be able to keep on top of with a quick scan through.
So I weighed up the work/life balance and MAAR-ed without a backward glance – apart from Mashable’s feed, which is always worth a quick delve.
And so it proved again, tipping me off to an interesting tweak to video-sharing site Ffwd.

Among other things, Ffwd lets you import videos to your online library from various locations – Youtube, Break, Spike, MySpace, MetaCafe,, and Daily Motion – or upload your own from Youtube and Vodpod.
Once in your library, you can share them with friends, by sending them links. And now users can cross-post to Twitter when sharing a video.

That sounded like something that might work with our Daily Post YouTube and Twitter accounts so I signed up to see if/how it worked.

First I embedded two videos that had gone on our website that day (one from our YouTube channel, one from a blog embed) into my library.
Then I was ready to share the video.
Obviously you have to share a video with someone, so I needed to find a willing victim – in this case the Echo’s design editor, Gary Bainbridge.
He’s accustomed to being my guinea pig on such random tests that he merely shrugged resignedly and joined.
I shared a video with him (of Rafa’s Champion’s League press conference; Gary’s an Evertonian) wrote my message in the text box alongside and almost instantly it appeared in my Twitter stream:

It doesn’t appear as an @ tweet though – just a standalone message that also cross-posts to my Facebook status and Friendfeed.
If I had sent it out as the Liverpool Daily Post, as opposed to myself, it would have been published in the Daily Post’s LFC Twitter stream. It’s a simple way of alerting an audience to new content, although I wouldn’t say it was any more effective than tweeting a shortened url to the YouTube channel.

What it does do however (although Ffwd stresses it is not a social network) is give users the opportunity to share content quickly among themselves, while building their own online library/channels of content. That means the Rafa video has a new market in which to get picked up and send on; it also means, I think, that the addition of an unobtrusive LDP logo on the film could be useful.
So, interesting, potentially useful and free to join and use. Worth investigating further I think.

2 thoughts on “Sharing videos on Twitter with Ffwd

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