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New Year Revolutions

I don’t go a bundle on end-of-year navel gazing, and I’m not one for New Year resolutions but there are a few resolutions I wouldn’t mind others trying out for 2009… 1. Industry commentators. Resolution: To sound a little less … Continue reading

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Reader, I banned him…

Sam Shepherd recently wrote a thought-provoking blog post on how the issue of readers’ robust (but accurate and valid) views on online article.After all, the age of engagement and interactivity means a reporter can get fairly instant feedback, good and … Continue reading

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Flickr group widget

Can’t think why I haven’t done a widget of the Daily Post’s Flickr group before but I had two minutes spare and so I made one up quickly. And it did, literally, take two minutes. It’s one of the easiest … Continue reading

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Testing BubblePLY on video news stories

When I was a young reporter on a paper Down South a colleague once revealed, in hushed tones, that: “Our IT system puts the ‘IT’ in shit”. Not necessarily fair, but very funny… and sometimes trying to work with new … Continue reading

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Spam irritations

Why would someone think the comment section of a blog about journalism is the best place to flog energy-saving lightbulbs?I was tidying up this site the other day when I noticed a few extra comments on posts – and there … Continue reading

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Achieving a more transparent newsroom

Sometimes it’s easy to forget how far away the ethos of Web 2.0 is from traditional journalism.As a trainee I learned I had to always protect my sources of information; there’s an unwritten rule that a journalist should generally imply … Continue reading

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