Newspapers facing Armageddon. Or possibly Deep Impact…

So now I know the worst; the newspaper industry is indeed doomed, broken beyond repair on the rock that is the internet.
And I can say this with confidence because greater minds than mine have pronounced its fate… for Ben Affleck has predicted the imminent death of newspapers.
He has a new film to promote, State of Play, and, while doing the media glad-handing that goes with such a project, told Hitflix:

“I think this is the last movie that will be set in a newspaper. I don’t know how this movie will be perceived, but I do believe that people will look back and say, ‘Oh yeah, that was the movie that came out right around the time the Internet destroyed newspapers,”

I’d be interested to see if he expands his theory when he’s talking to inkies – the above quote was made to online journalists, according to Hitflix – and I also think he’s maybe taking a little too much on his shoulders here.
After all, predicting no one else will make a film similar to the one you’re starring in is a risky business. Ben should know – who would have thought two films about asteroids hitting the Earth would show up in one summer? Yet in 1998 there was Deep Impact, and two months later along came Armageddon, featuring the matchless acting talent of… Ben Affleck.

2 thoughts on “Newspapers facing Armageddon. Or possibly Deep Impact…

  1. Also, let’s say that newspapers do disappear, it doesn’t mean there won’t be films set in them – the Titanic sunk didn’t it…? I guess he means there won’t be any contemporary films, but like you say, someone else could easily along and do a very similar film. We’ll see. Anyway, the Brighton Argus gave away vouchers for the preview of State of Play, so I’m actually going to see the film tonight (but kind of glad I’m not parting with cash for it). Personally, I’m far more looking forward to In the Loop…


  2. Hahaha! I wish I’d thought of the Titanic riposte – ’tis far better. I look forward to your views on the film; I am tempted to go and see it, despite my carping 🙂


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