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How open are your lines of communication?

And yea, it is written that when four or more editorial execs are gathered together to forward plan the coverage of an impending Happening, one among them will, at some point, spake thusly: “We should do a liveblog”. And everyone … Continue reading

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The end may be nigh but you don’t have to keep telling me…

Chris Brogan is an online social media star who has given me much to think about over the past 18 months or so that I’ve followed him on Twitter, and subscribed to his blog.If you don’t, I recommend it – … Continue reading

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So where does the buck stop?

It’s not often I hear something that shocks me but it happened this week: I was told that a member of a southern weekly newspaper’s digital team is facing a contempt charge for uploading a court case to the website.The … Continue reading

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Reporter tweets being shot

Talk about making your own headlines! It’s true; the deputy business editor of the Post & Echo was caught in crossfire this weekend and – like the news trouper he is – tweeted what was happening to him, from the … Continue reading

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A brief surge of interest FriendFeed

FriendFeed is back on the radar, although not necessarily mine. I’ve had an account since it launched and never really been able to sustain the enthusiasm. The other problem is that it’s intermittently blocked on my work internet, so simply … Continue reading

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