Discovering the joys of FriendDeck

Anyone who follows me here or on Twitter may have picked up on my ‘like it but keep forgetting to use it’ attitude towards FriendFeed.
I mean, I see the purpose of it, but I’m always forgetting to log in to the website – it’s not an essential part of my network yet.
So I was intrigued when I noticed a tweet from Liverpool software developer @PaulKinlan (of and the late, lamented fame) referencing something called ‘FriendDeck’. I sent him a message back asking what it was and he responded with a very modest:

He added it was also available as an Adobe Air client too. It took me a few hours but I eventually found time to go an explore FriendDeck, and already I really like it.
I’m still playing around with it but on first impressions I’d have to say it works well – it’s very fast, user-friendly, looks like Tweetdeck (which is a good thing) and has the ability to share, like or open the original link.
This is the one I set up to try it out (click to enlarge the image):

Good isn’t it? It also has (but I’ve got the thing to large for them to show on the grab) my FF thread, groups I belong to, and my friends FF thread – all in one handy app. And that solves the problem I’ve had with the FF website – I have to flip backwards and forwards between my groups, my friends, me…
Plus I can post direct from it, and close off columns as I wish, and add new ones.
Anyway. If you want to try it you can find FriendDeck here.
I think I’ve finally found something that will make me use FriendFeed regularly.

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