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I have a new blog – it’s an official work one, ostensibly about technology but actually about all kinds of digital stuff that interests me. Not likely to bother TechCrunch, for example.
Anyway, I wrote about a local Flickr group issue on it as my first post

There was a right royal kick-off in the online world the other day, thanks to a number of national newspapers running photos of people pretending to be the Queen without seeking permission to use, Liverpool Echo – Tech Blog, Dec 2009

As one of the Post group’s members claimed his photo used by an agency without his permission. And the row started there…
You can see more here;but I thought it was worth highlighting again.
Everyone makes mistakes, but this is something that could have been resolved with an apology, some money, and a willingness to learn about dealing with not just online communities, but dealing with anybody in a correct manner.
That doesn’t seem to have happened.

(Incidentally, I’m reblogging this using Zemanta – never tried it before; hopefully it will work).

UPDATE: Reblogging with Zemanta puts in lots of paragraphs, and maybe I forgot to title it but I don’t recall it gave me an option. Anyway, it’s still quite useful – I think. And I absolutely love that it suggests Outdoors and Caving as potential tags for this blog post…

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