Getting to grips with data visualisation

This is my first word tree, made today using Many Eyes and the full text of the Chancellor’s Budget speech from the FT – I happened to pick out ‘Economy’ but this is a living visualisation so it can be reset to search for other words and terms.
I joined Many Eyes some time ago but I’d never got round to actually doing anything with it. I’ve also just been dabbling with Chartporn and Flow Chart which is a pretty poor showing given that I love looking at others’ visualisation and presentation of data.

(Click to enlarge)
7c291f32-3755-11df-aba0-000255111976 Blog_this_caption

Anyway, there are two things I’ve set my heart on this year – one is to knuckle down and do a Masters degree, and the other is to really try and get to grips with different ways of gathering and visualising relevant data. It’s time to start learning things again.

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