Dear iPad, please save us…

Reading Real Time News on iPad. Unread Newspap...

My Reader is crammed with iPad articles at the moment. More than I can shake a stick at, let alone read, no matter what format you offer them to me.

As we all know, the iPad will save all newspapers / destroy all newspapers / is the new Kindle / is a bit rubbish as an eReader ad infinitum, ad nauseum…
So I’m glad that’s all sorted out.

Meanwhile, this seems to sum up the general feeling in my industry….

Cartoon by Brian Fairrington,

* Update (02/06/10) I remembered about this post when I spotted the same cartoon on the Editors Weblog today. Disappointingly, they chose not to link to Brian Fairrington’s site – in fact, they seem to have just screengabbed it; I wonder if that was to avoid the automated link code? It may be a small thing but it’s seriously irritated me.
In slightly more cheery news, I bought an iPad four days ago. It may not be the saviour of my industry but – for what it’s worth – I think it is utterly wonderful.

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