Journalists and customers service: News Rewired conference

I’m at the News Rewired (#newsrw) conference organised by today. It’s only the second session of the morning but there seems to be a real underlying theme for me: you can have all the tools and great content in the world but if you don’t look after your customers you may as well give up now.

MSN’s Peter Bale revealed in his opening keynote that the portal site now has an editorial code of conduct that can be viewed by users, and this tone was continued in the mobile session I sat attended.
Both Michael Targett, of Flightglobal, and Miriam Warren, of Yelp, made constant reference to the need to listen to feedback from audiences and to react positively to criticism and learn from it.

The session I’m in now is building online buzz and Tony Curzon Price of OpenData is saying journalists are not very good at blogging because they aren’t used to the interaction with audiences.
I think that’s a sweeping generalisation but the theme continues…

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