Infographic: the information explosion

Lovely infographic to pore over here from Wikibon..
It forecasts consumer generated content, how it will impact on business – and where all this information will be stored.

The last section ‘Who’s responsible for the content’ is particularly interesting;  if enterprise is responsible for the content created, they have to find a way of storing it (and a way of paying for that storage.Will the Library of Congress really be so keen to shoulder the burden of storing every tweet if the usage continues to grow (it’s just notched up its 20 billionth tweet)?
The infographic highlights an IDC estimate that, in 10 years time, business transactions on the internet (B2B and B2C) will reach 450 billion per day. That is a boggling amount of data.

A final point (and far less boggling) is the US language and UK landmark mashup on this infographic which sees the pitch at Wembley Stadium becoming ‘the field’…

Information Explosion & Cloud Storage
Via: Wikibon

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