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My First Death Knock

This whole post is apropos of nothing in particular, it’s the type of story every journalist has, but I found myself thinking about it recently and so I wrote it down. There are a few set questions anyone applying for a job … Continue reading

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Websites and apps I really need to find the time to explore further

Time is a precious resource. There is never any of it to spare during the working day; it zips past at weekends at super speed and creaks by during meetings and dental appointments at a glacial pace. All this means … Continue reading

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Meeting friends from Norwegian newsrooms

I had the pleasure of meeting a group of print and broadcast journalists from Norway who dropped by the Post&Echo offices on Friday, while they were on a union-led, team-building outing to Liverpool. Lars Johnsten, of Drammens Tidende, contacted me … Continue reading

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No laughing matter…

Mistakes happen. Twenty years on I still remember the Editor’s Hairdrier I got for leaving the letter ‘l’ out of a front page news story on public rail works, and I have (occasionally) felt a little swell of gratitude for … Continue reading

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Getting over a blogging breakdown

Dear Blog,  I’m sorry I’ve been away; it’s not that I don’t care, it’s just that I have had very little to say for myself and you, Blog, are partly to blame for that.You see, when I first hooked up … Continue reading

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