Links for 19/12/10 (bookmarking in a post-Delicious world)

My world shifted on its axis last week with the news Delicious was closing. That state of affairs has now moved to to Delicious is not closing, it’s simply breaking up with Yahoo, and has won custody of the dog, or something,

Whatever. The upshot is that my trust in Delicious as the guardian of my social bookmarks has been irrevocably damaged and I’m not getting into that kind of exclusive relationship again. Yup, I’m going to be a social bookmark butterfly. I will still use Delicious, but its not my sole site. 
First step, I exported my Delicious bookmarks using the export option on the site, and once I had them safely stored on my desktop I uploaded them to Diigo. I’m already a member of but that’s a bit flaky and the panicked stamped of homeless Delicious bookmarks from the entire world has shut down Mento – possibly forever, I really don’t know.
So I’m now bookmarking here  but I’m also experimenting with a weekly round-up of the links that interest me most to my Posterous, which cross-posts to my blog and posts the links on Twitter. I also use Xmarks for bookmarking and synching across sites, but that’s had its own ‘closing/not closing’ issues of late, and also doesn’t fit the bill as a straight swap. My other sites are Publish2 and Cliquset but I have to remember to use them – Delicious was always the first click I made. Now that’s over I guess I’ll be using these sites more too.
Links for 19/12/10

 The Journalist of the Future“Here are 7 journalist archetypes (and an eighth that I can’t quite square) to better capture the journalist of tomorrow. This isn’t a scientific exercise. The archetypes are based on personal observation and on looking at some of the thousands of journalist profiles…”

Digital post-pubescence for traditional media:“I wish this whole web thing happened a long time ago so that we’d be recovered from the damage it did” (I remember saying to a colleague that the changes in the newspaper industry were fascinating and would make excellent research papers in years to come; it’s just hard to live and work through it. So this comment struck a chord with me. But I’m still not buying that the iPad is the answer to all our problems.)

Lifestreaming visualised: Lifestreaming visualisedLovely infographic website built by Ben Sekulowicz-Barclay to visualise his social media activity over a year.

Interesting idea – Ethics statement contained in online bio of Walt Mossberg, co-executive editor of All Things Digital: “…I am not an objective news reporter, and am not responsible for business coverage of technology companies. I am a subjective opinion columnist, a reviewer of consumer technology products and a commentator on technology issues…”

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