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Comment moderation – the Rugby Poetry rule

I have, at times, been less than complimentary about certain types of forum users. I know I’m not alone in this as there are various index, category, definition and analysis pieces to be found online which look in detail at … Continue reading

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In praise of Pixelpipe (Updated post on Cardiff industrial estate fire)

Explosion at an industrial site off Rover Way in Cardiff. Locals said a gas pipe blew up about 8.30am, but it was still blazing away when I drove round there. Lots of smoke – and lots of people watching it … Continue reading

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Journalism 101: Your readers are the toughest sub editors ever

As a journalist, you should never underestimate the smartness, recall and grammatical abilities of your reader.When the subject matter is a niche interest that warning goes double, as the Guardian discovered (*links to the two articles are at the foot of … Continue reading

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More ripples in the Twitter API clampdown

Interesting email from 140kit team, not least because I didn't realise TwapperKeeper – where you can archive your own and, export and download tweets – was affected. However, there are still good people out there; 140kit has come up with … Continue reading

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Newspaper choices: Build paywalls or build bridges with audiences?

I see another regional title is going to have a bash at paywalling content. Yes, I did just verb Paywall but if that was the only thing that bothered you about the opening sentence then well done, you’re an excellent … Continue reading

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