A bleating of minds (updated)

Updated 13/4/11: I posted this here by accident and I was going to delete it but frankly it’s too cute.
On the right is the Superlambanana my lovely colleagues at the Liverpool Daily Post & Echo bought me when I vacated the premises; on the left is an inflatable Cardiff Bluebirds ram, which was given away by the South Wales Echo to mark Cardiff’s foray into the FA Cup (although the miserable sods at Wembley apparently wouldn’t let anyone with one – and there were thousands – into the ground until they’d binned the blow-up sheep).

Anyway,  this pic was taken to test if or how I could post content only to Pixelpipe, rather than to all the sites I use it as a nexus for. The answer is, if you don’t specify where it should go, it goes everywhere you have as a forwarding option. Bah. Or possibly baa.
In other news, I also did some in-phone photo editing using the Nokia N8 tools, and that did work. The more I use this phone, the more I like it. Slim, fast, great camera, nice editing. The touchscreen is nowhere near as good as the iPhone – in my opinion – but I can live with it. Good bit of kit to have in your pocket as a journalist. The downside is, it’s very pricey.

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