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Twitter hashtags; lots of curation but where’s the context?

Hashtags give me headaches.Not the #somethinghasjusthappenedandIamtweetingit hashtag or the #iamaddingahashtaginanironicwayhere or even #myfootballteamisplayingandIwanttofeelpartofthetribe  – it’s the interesting hashtags that are being shouted into a void that perplex me. Curation is an important word for journalism at the moment; we’re all … Continue reading

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An attempt to turn a newspaper inside-out

How do you turn a newspaper inside out? That’s been the question bugging me for about a week and I’ve found myself thinking about it more and more in the context of the Register Citizen Open Newsroom project. I broached … Continue reading

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Moderating comments on Facebook

How do you moderate a community on Facebook? Should the same policy exist as for a title’s website moderation or do the disparate fans and friends it has there require different handling?I use Facebook for content, for sharing information, for … Continue reading

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Attribution: It’s not just for quotes

I was thinking about the importance of attribution today after reading Mike Glover’s take on the issue in his post on the coverage of Bin Laden‘s death and the “outrageous gullibility of the media in the wake of the Bin Laden incident“.It’s a … Continue reading

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