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What message are the NCE editors sending out to their newsrooms?

I saw an update on Twitter today that read:  Editors: ‘Traditional skills more important than new media’  with a link that I clicked, and it took me to this Press Gazette story.  (I appreciate the above isn’t an award-winning opening … Continue reading

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Woman loses phone; world’s media agog

Sometimes a story can change how you see the world and your fellow man. And then there’s this…  I’m not singling out Yahoo News because a quick search revealed a whole host of other news websites were equally gripped by … Continue reading

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How to stop internet trolls (infographic)

If you manage online communities, this infographic by will no doubt strike a chord.

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When does a story become a story?

When does a story become a story? Could it be when it comes to the attention of the London media? The stick rattling my cage is an Observer article where the interviewer has discovered – in a style akin to … Continue reading

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A brief moment of newsroom nostalgia

Serendipity is a wonderful thing. I was talking to a colleague recently who mentioned the days of “pots of Gloy“and suddenly, for the first time in years, I recalled watching newspapers being literally pasted together, while trying to avoid being … Continue reading

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The New Zealand earthquake and the (amazing) Christchurch Press

How do you spot a journalist in the chaos surrounding a disaster? As a general rule of thumb I’d suggest they’ll be the ones running in the opposite direction to the rest of the crowd. I guess most journos have … Continue reading

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