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11 thoughts about tolerance. (And why it’s over-rated)

I’m starting to think social media has made me a less-than-tolerant communicator when it comes to certain issues. This is why:  1. I assume everyone has already seen whatever Twitter is buzzing about and so knows what I’m talking about. … Continue reading

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A bit of MSM and hyperlocal co-operation goes a long way

I came across an exchange between the Daily Post and on Twitter today that made me happy. It makes far more sense for MSM and hyperlocals to support each other to get information out; the alternative is to pretend the … Continue reading

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Industry disruption and journalism – an enthusiast’s perspective

Brian Storm, founder of Mediastorm, says to photographers: “Don’t just take someone’s picture – give them a voice…” But this EJC video interview, hosted on Vimeo in HD, has a message that has relevance far beyond photographers – I think … Continue reading

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Journalism work experience debate (Storify)

I followed a good debate on Twitter today, when some valuable points were made regarding the pros and cons of doing unpaid work experience, and so I thought it was worth capturing the discussion via Storify. [<a href=”” target=”_blank”>View the … Continue reading

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