Industry disruption and journalism – an enthusiast’s perspective

Brian Storm, founder of Mediastorm, says to photographers: “Don’t just take someone’s picture – give them a voice…”
But this EJC video interview, hosted on Vimeo in HD, has a message that has relevance far beyond photographers – I think it’s essential viewing for anyone working in a newsroom right now. 
He says: “The tools are so great and the distribution is there for everybody… that’s been disruptive… but it has also created enormous opportunities”.

Opportunities don’t come along that often – I worked as a journalist for around 12 years before email came along, and then the internet – the pace of acceleration since then has been astonishing and exhilerating. 
Mediastorm is amazing; I remember watching a package they created (for the Washington Post, I think?) a few years ago, on US soldiers and their families before and after a tour of duty in Iraq – it was haunting and disturbing and compelling. It was also a piece of digital storytelling that didn’t require any text beyond context-setting captions.
For me the best thing about Storm’s video interview is his enthusiasm – the fact that he loves the innovation sparked by disruption shines through. 
It’s five minutes of inspiration I’d recommend watching

Brian Storm – ‘Discusses Storytelling and Journalism’ from European Journalism Centre on Vimeo.

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