11 thoughts about tolerance. (And why it’s over-rated)

Rage Template

I’m starting to think social media has made me a less-than-tolerant communicator when it comes to certain issues. This is why: 
1. I assume everyone has already seen whatever Twitter is buzzing about and so knows what I’m talking about.
2. “Because it’s wrong” is not a comprehensive and thorough enough explanation of why I detest MSM plundering Facebook photos SO MUCH. 
3. I feel uncomfortable if people I know personally have egg avatars. I also make this plain until they upload a photo in self-defence.
4. I forget Scribd is not a verb, and that using it does not auto-translate into “handy way to share and embed a pdf accompanying an article”.
5. My heart may sink at Powerpoint but should remember any involuntary groan of anguish I emit when confronted by another sodding Prezi will cause the speaker to react negatively.
6. I work on the basis that linking to a source for more information has permeated Real World consciousness. And I get cross when that assumption is confounded yet again.
7. I assume general understanding that correct attribution of Flickr or Instagram photos to rightful, consenting owners is a basic principle of use. This should not be a water-on-stone issue.
8. Talking about adopting an Agile ethos may cause others to believe I want them to run around at speed. I should check for blank or anxious expressions before continuing the conversation.
9. Tweeting to colleagues sat 10 feet across the office is no substitute for a conversation – but it is often faster, more effective and easier.
10. I believe there is a special circle of Hell for people who copy others’ thoughts on Twitter and pass them off as their own. By incredible coincidence, several people all thought of this bon mot on Saturday, for example…
I remember back at nine o’clock when this were all fields.

11*. I don’t understand why the internet seems to demand lists are made in 10s regardless of whether it’s required or not. *frowns at Huffington Post and Mashable*
* See? I also have zero patience with anyone who would admit to doing something “because the internet demanded it”.
My tolerance levels are not what they were. And, to be honest, that’s fine by me.

Flickr photo courtesy of jcoolmoonster

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5 thoughts on “11 thoughts about tolerance. (And why it’s over-rated)

  1. Ah, you're behind the release of 'Cloverfield II: The Presentation' in Vietnam, Steve!
    Done well they're great. I've seen two done well, ever. Generally, there's a bit of mis-pathing, a video that refuses to play, and several people being beckoned over to help sort out what's gone wrong.

    PPT at a gaming conference is a cruel and unusual punishment, Mary – insist they use LARP to convey information 😉

    Tbh, having inflicted various ppts on innocent victims I've concluded nothing I say requiring a visual accompaniment conveys as much information as a snarky, relevant xkcd offering.


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