Brevity is the soul of… any story

(Photo credit: ciboulette)
While reading this article on the importance of story-telling, and why people need to avoid the trap of thinking Facebook is about link-pimping, the last paragraph caught my attention:

‘”The best stories represent a simplicity of purpose and tap into the audience’s imagination so that they willingly go along for the journey. And the shortest ones can sometimes be the best. Ernest Hemingway famously wrote the six-word story: For sale: baby shoes, never worn.”  

I hadn’t come across that line before and I was quite floored by Papa’s brilliance… until the internet disabused me. 
Abashed by the fact I’d never heard of something he’d ‘famously’ written I googled the line. 
Alas, it is thought to be an apocryphal story, without basis in fact – the origins are discussed here.  
Still, if there’s a more compelling argument for cutting out the verbiage in a 600 word article, I’ve yet to come across it. 
On a not-unrelated note, I think Hemingway would have liked Twitter. 

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