My Interesting Reads (weekly)

  • This issue of having reporters respond to critics online is, says Jeff Soderman, one of courage and trust for publishers. I agree. You cannot cheerlead for your staff to get out on social media, and then bust them over the head the first time they make a mistake. But people need to take advice, learn fast and – crucially – not be dicks when they respond.  “As far as I can tell, this type of strict ban on journalists responding to complaints is not “commonly used” by broadcasters or other news organizations “across the country,” though we invite you to share examples in the comments if you know of any places where it is policy. But is it a good idea? The decision boils down to two factors: trust and courage. Do you trust your journalists enough to handle these interactions professionally, and do you have the courage to weather the fallout of a mistake or two along the way?”
  • Instapaper creator Marco Arment, posting on his blog about his app strategy for The Magazine:”If the App Store gets spammed with hundreds of bad clones, The Magazine itself will lose credibility and potential subscribers as people make incorrect assumptions about its article quality. That’s why The Magazine isn’t part of a bigger strategy: I don’t want everyone to rush into this model, making an app that looks and works just like mine. I don’t want to make “the WordPress of Newsstand”, because I don’t want it to be that easy to copy The Magazine.”
  • Handy roundup of some of the free tools available
  • Henry Blodget does the maths to speculate at what point the NYT becomes supported by digital revenue alone 
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